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South African unabridged birth certificate

An Unabridged Birth Certificate is a document issued by Home Affairs. It shows the full information of the individual and the biological parents or legal guardians.

Passengers under the age of 18 require this certificate (in addition to passports and visas) when entering or exiting South Africa.

Price: $139 USD
Time: 4-8 weeks

South African Vault Birth Certificate

A Vault Birth certificate is a stamped and signed Home Affairs document. It’s a photocopy of the original birth registration form completed by the parents.

This type of certificate is most often needed when applying for British Citizenship, and also for other citizenships and passports

Price: $139 USD
Time: 4-8 weeks

South African Apostille Certificate and Seal

An Apostille is a form of authentication issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs. It’s attached to your original document and verifies it as authentic and legitimate

Apostilles are ordinarily attached to documents that are intended for use outside of South Africa 

Price: $79 USD
Time: 2-3 days