Get your Unabridged Birth Certificate fast!

We will obtain your South African birth certificate in 4 to 8 weeks or less

We take all the stress out of applying for your unabridged birth certificate at South African Home Affairs. We will order your certificate on your behalf, monitor your order and deliver it to you worldwide by express courier in the quickest possible time. Our services also Include apostille legalisation.

Special Offer: all certificates only $139 USD, all Apostilles only $79

Easy Payment

Easy secure online payments in US Dollars using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Simple pricing.

Express Service

Worldwide Express Courier delivery in 3-5 working days once we have obtained your documents

Peace of Mind

We scan and send you copies of your documents before we courier them and make any corrections .


Call us on +27 65 676 0585, email us or fill out the form and we will contact you to find out your exact requirements and generate a free custom quote

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Unabridged Birth Certificate

Our Service:

We will obtain your Unabridged Birth Certificate on your behalf from South African Home Affairs.

What is an Unabridged Birth Certificate?

A South African Unabridged Birth Certificate is a computer printed document issued by Home Affairs. It shows the full information of the individual and the biological parents or legal guardians.

Passengers under the age of 18 require this certificate (in addition to passports and visas) when entering or exiting South Africa.

How long will it take to get?

We aim to obtain your certificate in 4-8 weeks. *

What does the service cost? (All Prices in US Dollars)

Unabridged Birth Certificate: $139
Apostille Attestation (Optional): $79

Courier Options:
Worldwide Courier Delivery: $60
South African Courier Delivery: $10
Send your own courier: FREE

How do I get started?

South African Unabridged Birth Certificate

How we work

We make sure that our communication is clear and honest, and that your experience is as pleasant as humanly possible

1. Contact Us

Contact us or download one of our order forms. We will work with you to find out your exact requirements, and give you the proper advice so that you obtain the correct documents.

2. Complete

Complete an order form for each document application and email it to us along with a copy of your South African ID or passport and any special requirements that you may have.

3. Check

We’ll check the application and make sure everything is filled out correctly, and then send you an invoice that can be paid online by Paypal, Visa, Mastercard or manually by wire transfer.

4. Payment

Once we have received payment, we’ll immediately submit your application. Your application is tracked at Home Affairs, monitored for any problems, and collected when it is ready.

5. Verify

A high quality scan is then emailed to you of your ordered documents, so that you can double check that the details are correct and approve it for final shipping to you.

6. Sent

Once you have confirmed everything is correct and added any needed Apostilles we dispatch your documents to you. Worldwide delivery normally takes 3-5 working days

Who we are

We’re a Johannesburg based document services company

South African Document Services (Pty) ltd is a privately owned document and legalisation services company. We have over 10 years of experience in obtaining unabridged birth certificates and vault birth certificates from Home Affairs, in addition to providing Apostille stamp services.

Importantly, we are not affiliated with the Department of Home Affairs or any High Court issuing body.

In short, our company charges for successfully and quickly obtaining various government documents. We service mainly clients outside of South Africa who would not otherwise be able to obtain these documents.